2016 Resolution Updates: September

Back in the Saddle… Feeling Sore

Back-to-school fever hit me in late August and I decided to get back into the monthly resolution saddle.

I thought about what is really important to me, what I’d like to achieve if I had superhuman powers and a staff to cater to my every whim. Don’t laugh – that’s how some of my to-do lists used to look like! I didn’t group my priorities into any particular categories at that time but, looking back, I covered the basics for my physical and emotional needs: exercise, connection with friends and family, and one-on-one time with my two older children on a more consistent basis.

With the enthusiasm of new beginnings, the first week went very well. And really, if I lower my expectations from perfect to reasonable, the whole month went well.

One of my goals was to be more aware of sharing loving hugs with my family rather than perfunctory ones. My eldest child often asks for hugs. I pretty much always give the hug, but it’s not always a loving hug. I felt guilty about that. I could throw out excuses like being busy or sleep deprived, but I knew I would feel better if I took the time to transmit my love with a hug every day.

Instead of ticking a box for my hugging objective, I complicated matters by writing an initial for each person in my family. Ok, it’s not rocket science, but it multiplied the work of my single tick by four. The fuzzy nature of the goal made it hard for me to keep track – had that hug before breakfast been a loving hug even though it was brief? Did length of time even matter?

While writing this post, I’ve just had an epiphany that will hopefully help me to work on my hugging goal in October. Instead of trying to clock up one meaningful, loving hug with each member of my family every day, I should associate every single hug with a chance to transmit the deep love I have for each of them, no matter what craziness has just gone on, or how many things I have to do right this minute. Doing the same thing every time is often easier than doing than doing it only some of the time. It’s worth a try anyway!