Ukulele Life Lessons #3

I decided “Happy Birthday” was the perfect song to turn my attention to first. Everyone knows it. I’ve been singing it all my life. How difficult could it be?!

I checked out a few videos on YouTube. The first couple didn’t sound remotely like the “Happy Birthday” song to me, but I did say before I do not have a musically-inclined ear. The finger-picking video tutorials made more sense, but surely those were too difficult for an absolute beginner like me?!

In the end, I found a compromise  – a simple finger picking of the first note, and strumming for the rest. The intended audience didn’ t seem impressed on the occasion of his second birthday, but he did ask me to play it again the next time I got the uke out. So I’m going to take that as (the only) sign of encouragement 🙂

Ukulele Life Lessons:

  • Simple and familiar is a good place to start
  • A hint of difficulty can set the tone and make you appear more accomplished than you actually are 😉
  • Just because you feel unappreciated doesn’t mean that there isn’t at least a glimmer of interest and admiration on the other side.

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