2016 Resolution Updates: March

Hmmmm…March is when my “tick the boxes” system started to go awry…or so I thought.

The parts of my life I chose to work on were:

  1. Nesting. So if I change the language to suit the last part of my pregnancy, rather than referring to this project as the evergreen decluttering, would that make any difference? The urgency I felt at having so little free time to myself before Baby#3 arrived definitely forced me to up my game. I made a significant dent in some of the problem areas of our home. Now on to the Maintain Game, while raising three kids.
  2. Writing and planning. I worked in a few spurts on this. Again, there was a certain degree of urgency, as I realize I probably won’t have a lot of time to write for a while after the baby is born. If I do find time to write somehow, it’ll likely be sleep-deprived nonsense.
  3. Connecting with friends. I wanted to lend a hand to friends by sharing useful information, lending a physical hand, or just reaching out and saying hello without any obvious reason – I know it always warms my heart when I hear from a friend I haven’t been in touch with in a while.
  4. Photobooks. This is a huge unending project, but I had stripped it down to a reasonable scale. At the beginning of the month, I had a firm deadline in mind – the website I use to print my books were having a 60% off sale, so that was a huge incentive. Unfortunately, I ran into a “can’t find the pictures from a particular trip” problem. I realized there was no point in skipping over an important trip just to make progress – I would regret that – so the photobooks project stalled while I went in search of those photos. On the positive side, I took careful notes of the points I had finished, and where I wanted to pick up from the next time.
  5. Movement. I was really busy this month, so although there wasn’t intentional movement in a cardio session, or X minutes of strength exercises, kind of way, I definitely moved around a lot!
  6. Ukulele – make progress on the next song. No excuses, I practised maybe twice 😦   In creating this goal, I didn’t pay enough attention to when I was going to practise. I thought after my kids went to bed would be a good idea, but when I actually had remaining energy left after that happened, I worried the music (noise!) might wake them up. I tried to practise while they were awake, but both of them wanted in on the session. My younger child is only two, so he just thinks it’s Mommy’s toy. All he wants to do is reenact my string-breaking experience!
  7. Celebrate! I marked this on my calendar 12 days out of this month, so that’s pretty good. We had a birthday in the family, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and a few cherry blossom picnics to celebrate. In addition, there were a few savored moments that might have passed me by had I not chosen to focus on celebrating the little things this year.

Overall, I didn’t do as badly as I first thought for someone who was finishing up a full-time job to go on maternity leave, and doing my best to prepare our family for the new baby.

A pat on the back wins out over recriminations 🙂



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