2016 Resolution Updates: February

March is here, and today is my day of reckoning for February.
Looking at the calendar, it’s not as impressive as January was. I’m not too worried about that, because a few of my January goals were of the mini-habit type, which meant I could complete three or four of them in less than five minutes.
Some of my February goals, on the other hand, were a bit more involved so I knew that I wouldn’t be checking off everything every single day. Superwoman, I am not!

I tried a gratitude experiment following the format I learned from a friend late last year. For years, she wrote three things she was grateful for every day: a person, a place, and a thing. I wrote it straight onto my calendar, so it wasn’t as involved as a journal. Simplicity was key to me actually writing it every day, though. I’m generally the type of person to count my blessings, but the place to be grateful for was a challenge some days.

I called this habit nesting rather than decluttering in the hope that the change of moniker would bring me greater success than the numerous times in the past when I have attempted to declutter, but haven’t gotten very far. I made definite progress, although not as much as I would have liked. Nesting is on the agenda again for March, and it will be for as much of April as I am still pregnant!

I was pretty consistent with my writing until the end of the month, when I ran out of steam. I thought I would have made progress on the planning front, but that didn’t happen. Once I had sent Book #2 to some beta readers, I switched my focus to another project instead of finishing off all the bits and pieces that would make Book #2 as complete and ready to release as possible after I go through the feedback from my beta readers, and another round of editing. I don’t regret it, because my brain needed a change, but I want to get back on track in March.

I wanted to make time for a few small, manageable crafts. I didn’t arm-knit a scarf, which had been on my want-to-do list, but I knitted a necklace. That idea had been floating around my head for a while. My 4-year-old DS was very interested, so we started to make one for him when mine was finished. He wanted to do it himself- of course! That was a good exercise in patience for me! I included my ukulele practice under crafts too, and mastered the birthday song.

I did several prenatal yoga workouts in the first half of the month, and always felt better…except until I didn’t 😦 I strained a muscle around the 10th, and the rest of this resolution fizzled out after that, even though I feel completely better now. Yet again, I realized that if I don’t carry out a new habit every day, it’s so much harder for me to keep it going. I’ll be giving it another go this month.

I wrote a review of this affirmation & visualization app. You can find the link over there on the left-hand side. I have been using it since late last year, but I wanted to develop a habit of visualizing every day. I managed to do that – just missed a couple of days. I hope to keep this up, too.

Throughout the year, I’ll be keeping my watchword, Celebrate, in mind. I enjoyed celebrating Pancake Tuesday with some galettes [Breton-style buckwheat pancakes]. They were a big hit in our house. We also had a family celebration for DS2’s birthday. I played him the birthday song on my ukulele and he was mightily unimpressed! 😉

Evernote Snapshot 20160302 073015

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