Ukulele Life Lessons #0.5

This year, I am going to learn how to play the ukulele.

It might not be up there in the top 10 lists of resolutions floating around the web these days, but that is one of my resolutions for 2016.

To be more specific, my goal is to be able to comfortably play 3 songs I love to sing along to by the time my birthday comes around in May.

I should make it clear that I do not regard myself as a musical person – at all! I love listening to music and singing along. I’ve been known to belt out a few nostalgic 90s hits at a private karaoke venue, but I have never felt comfortable playing an instrument. I tried to learn the guitar at two different stages of my life. Neither attempt ended well, for different reasons.

I’m set to hit a milestone birthday this year, and I still yearn to play the guitar. A few timely references to the ukulele toward the end of last year, along with some coincidental (or not?!) ukulele tunes on the radio led me to changing tack and choosing to start over with a new instrument, rather than test the validity of the “third time’s a charm” theory with the guitar. In Resolution Evolution for Moms, I advise choosing a new challenge over a resolution that has not worked out for you in the past. I’m listening to my own advice.

I created a playlist of ukulele tutorials on YouTube, and I got a lovely ukulele for Christmas, so the scene was set for a musical challenge.

Ukulele life lessons:

  • Specify your desired resolution outcome. How will you know if you have accomplished your goal?
  • Turn over a new leaf rather than go back to the same old ideas when it comes to resolutions.
  • Give thought to any equipment and resources you will need to make progress on your resolution. If you can, get your hands on these ahead of time, so there are no excuses or unnecessary delays when you’re ready to get stuck in to your resolution.

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